About Jamie Wolf, Founder Tribe 525

​Certified Life Mastery Consultant

Professional Public Speaker

Live Event facilitator

Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

Certified Professional Motivators Analyst


NVC Practitioner


​Jamie lives on a beautiful island in the temperate rain forest. They are an avid beekeeper who loves spending time in Nature with their Icelandic Sheepdogs. Jamie has mindfully and intentionally created a life that they absolutely love living and is committed to assisting others as they discover and create what they long for. 

10,000 people per year attend Jamie's personal and professional development seminars. Jamie's ability to make complex, meaningful and deeply personal material accessible and engaging is both widely recognized and unwaveringly lauded.


Jamie's Personal Mission Statement

" The deepest power of the human soul is imagination and we are powerful creators of our soul stories, indeed, our lives. I am living an intentional and conscious life. I choose fun, love, learning, kindness, Nature, conservation, joy and deep meaning - where

laughter resides as a talisman of peace.

I bring the wholeness of my humanity, the deepness of my listening, my patient observation, my loving-powerful-tender heart, to co-creating the conditions for the thriving life of all sentient beings and

magnificent, grace filled love."


January 1, 2016