About Tribe 525

We each have 525,000 minutes in a year; our life's currency. 

Most do not consider how and what they trade that precious currency for and reach their golden years with regrets. 

If you are reading this, it is highly probable that you are not one of those people and are, therefore, already a member of Tribe 525. You just didn't know it.  

You may have participated in a seminar that Jamie facilitated or met Jamie at an event and witnessed the spark, the flame of life that Jamie walks with. You recognize this flame because it is also in you and you want to love the life you are living and live your dreams. 

 You are already a member of Tribe 525; a borderless, inclusive community of individuals who share one thing in common; a fire in their belly, a fire for living a life of awareness, authenticity, connection, love and respect.

Members of Tribe 525 are committed to living our lives fully, boldly, dreaming big and courageously walking the path to the realization of our individual dreams.

​It is that simple. You are already there. To collect your Tribe 525 wrist band or lapel pin, contact Tribe 525 and we will drop one in the mail for you. Our dream is to see millions wearing a tee shirt or pin, hat or wrist band to show solidarity, kinship and openness to authentic discussion, connection, love and respect. People will ask you what Tribe 525 means, opening the door to connection, discussion and the realization that we are everywhere.


You are not alone.