These classy and elegant cards are designed for the adult and come in a box. Slip this deck into your briefcase or purse and your cards will be with you at all times. Jamie uses the cards before any important meeting to make empathy guesses about the other people involved and to prioritize needs of the group or individual she is working with. The ability to accurately guess what another is feeling and what they might need allow us to be more present, real, authentic and to show up as our best selves. These are not skills we learned in school and they can help us mover more easily in the world, be much more effective at communication and avoid common emotional traps. Over 10,000 participants in Jamie's communication and leadership seminars have used these cards and it is amazing to see the level of profound learning they facilitate. We have put the cards on sale for Tribe 525 folks. Enjoy!

Feelings and Needs Cards - Adult Version (Elegant, fit into briefcase/purse