We made this deck especially for kids (big or small). Get your own deck of these amazing cards used by over 10,000 of Jamie's seminar participants. This particular deck is in use by hundreds of children who were never taught an emotional vocabulary and are learning it now; in counseling, in juvenile halls and camps. Teaching our children to easily access feelings and needs can help them remain safe, learn deep empathy, have more meaningful discussions and become clear during challenging situations. We have put them on sale for Tribe 525 folks for a limited time. Most people have a limited feelings vocabulary and this leads to a great deal of conflict, misunderstanding and challenging conversations. It also limits our ability to recognize and fully experience celebratory moments - the little things that make the difference in the quality of our lives. One side of these cards is a list of feelings that, when struggling to find the right word or preparing for an important conversation, one can find just the right fit. The other side provides needs that one may not even know they have around a situation or challenge. Do I need respect, dignity or just to be heard? Brain research tells us that the exercises Jamie teaches around these multifacited and multi use cards provide clarity and direction for those who use them.

Feelings and Needs Cards - Kid Style (Thick, Durable, Clear Coated)