Public Speaking and Live Event Facilitation

We regularly speak and provide workshops on more than fifty topics. If you don't see your topic below, please contact us directly and we can create a custom, very special event to meet your group's needs.

Please contact Jamie directly to discuss your dream event or to schedule an event.

Turn your event idea into reality!

Community Group Events
Private Group Retreats
Executive Retreats
Team Building Workshops
Family Bridge Retreat
Emotional Intelligence Workshop
Trauma and Resiliency Workshop
Cultural Competence Workshop
Dream Workshop
"I am" Workshop
Leadership Workshop
Learning Style Workshop
Mission Statement Workshop for professional groups, community groups or individuals
Ethics Workshop
Non Violent Communication Workshop
Train the Trainer Workshop
Public Speaking Workshop
Competent Communication Workshop
Core Practices of Effective Presentation Workshop
Behavioral Assessments
Addiction 101 Workshop
Employee Development Workshop
Generational Diversity Workshop

Public Clients: Those who have hired Jamie as Plenary Speaker, Subject Matter Expert, Professional Speaker or Keynote Speaker, Single and Multi-day Retreat Facilitator, Workshop Facilitator, Executive Retreat Facilitator, Trainer, Group and Individual Consultant.

Arriba Juntos, San Francisco

Young Community Developers, San Francisco

Disciples of Christ Church, Woman's Anti-Racism, Pro-Reconciliation Ministry Council

Seattle Area Non-Violent Communication Study Group

Vashon Center for the Arts

San Bernardino County

Alameda County

City and County of San Francisco

Riverside County

Kings County



El Dorado County

Stanislaus County

Fresno County

Kern County

Central California Training Managers Association

Bay Area Training Officers Association

Southern California Training Officer's Association

Orange County

San Diego County

Amador County

San Joaquin County

Los Angeles County

Madera County

Nevada County

Merced County

Monterey County

Napa County

Sutter County

California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association

California Association of Probation Institution Administrators

Tuolumne County

Yolo County

Yuba County

Our Private Clients: We maintain strict confidentiality agreements with our private clients and some of our public clients, depending on their wishes. We hold your personal stories as sacred and will never release your personal information without your explicit permission.

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What People Say

"Jamie provides the most motivating and unique training I have seen in my thirty years in this businss! Jamie's style and ability to tailor the training to your needs makes [Tribe 525] an agent for positive change in your organization."


"It must be immensely gratifying to facilitate the degree of growth and interpersonal insight in people I observed in the three days you spent with us."

"Jamie's positive spirit, enthusiasm, and passion for involving people at every level and throughout the process promoted a sense of ownership in those who had begun to grow disheartened. With renewed vigor, increasingly they invested their energy under Jamie's leadership and coaching style."

"It only takes a few minutes with Jamie to recognize their intelligence, enthusiasm, dedication, and love for this work. Jamie employs the admirable combination of strength and compassionate caring while making learning fun."

"I was immediately impressed by Jamie's command knowledge and practice of the subject matter… Jamie not only clearly masters the material… it is also evident that Jamie applies these principles in the real world."

"I don’t make these claims in the abstract; I make them after having seen the results …. I have observed the results in the courtroom, I have had the opportunity to speak directly with the kids in the program, and I have happily heard of many success stories after they have completed the Program."