Each year, thousands of people attend Thought Leader and Master Teacher, Jamie Wolf's seminars and workshops. Many share that they experienced the felt sense of being fully alive while working with Jamie.


Five highly motivated individuals take that learning to the next level and choose to work one-on-one with Jamie. If that is you, please complete the form to the right and Jamie will contact you directly.


"We all want to experience love and affirmation. This is a basic human need and many spend an entire lifetime sleepwalking from one to-do list to the next, never experiencing or knowing the beauty of their own Soul. They live a life by default. There can be no sadder existence and, conversely, no happier moment than when one awakes to the beauty of their own Soul, their Self. This is the meaning of life; the meaning of your life, to awaken." - Jamie Wolf

 Authentic power comes from clarity about who you are and why you are here. If you have attended one of Jamie's seminars, you have likely courageously examined the areas in your life that bring joy and those that bring discontent. This is the foundation of Jamie's work; walking people toward their ideal life, the life of their dreams.


It's very simple, you know the results of your current thoughts, beliefs and paradigms based on the results you have produced in your life. You were born into this world with your very own unique purpose and path.


"I am tearing up as I write this because I am so proud of him (and me!). Thanks, as always, for your support and being a part of our story." -Meg

Because Jamie travels and teaches an average of 400 people per month in seminars, their time is very limited and they only work one-on-one with five highly motivated individuals at any given time. Each of us dreams of what life could be. So, take a moment and consider this question. What if you decided to step fully into living your Soul's Signature?


When you meet, Jamie will bring their compassionate heart and twenty years of experience working with individuals, facilitating seminars, retreats and workshops for over 18,000 people. Jamie utilizes evocative coaching and their deeply refined and professionally cured competencies. These core elements, taken together and masterfully utilized, generate a truly transformational coaching process with spectacular results.

"It is just so amazing how clear my vision became as Jamie gently walked me toward my dream. I had been so lonely for so long and my business was suffering. Jamie helped me paint a beautiful vision of my life and then supported me as I walked into that vision. I am so happy and grateful now that I am living in alignment with my values and am surrounded by beauty and love." - Donna

Working together, we will explore your ideal VISION for your life, for returning to or discovering your authentic Self, your passion and purpose.

"The understanding and tools I that I gained while working with Jamie were put into use immediately. I learned that I had already created much of the vision and was stagnating because I didn't understand how to move forward with my dream. Once we identified my limiting beliefs, it became clear. Jamie's gentle yet firm coaching got me back on the road towards and living from a space of what I want again. I can't say enough about their amazing way of showing me that the light in my heart was still burning. I feel alive again and am back on my path, the path I chose consciously instead of the default path I had gotten stuck on."  Jose


Jamie Wolf is the Founder of Tribe 525®

Certified Life Mastery Consultant

Certified Behavioral Analyst

Certified Personal Driving Forces Analyst

Professional Public Speaker


NVC Practitioner

Spiritual Seeker and Teacher

"We are powerful creators of our Soul stories, indeed, our lives... either by default or by design. The blessing in this life is to discover our secret powers, to choose to live every day in the magic of the present and to say 'yes' to what we want most in our precious lives. There is no other time." - Jamie Wolf